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Acupuncture Testimonials

Acupuncture Testimonial for Back Pain

“My first ever acupuncture visit was with Rachel Pearce. Although I was a little apprehensive initially, Rachel made me feel very comfortable. I was especially appreciative of how she explained to me the process and the reasons for the procedures. Rachel’s sincere concern about the problems with my back and her willingness to do the research to try to remedy them were very impressive. I have always felt confident with Rachel’s abilities and I would strongly recommend her to other patients seeking relief from pain.”

Acupuncture Testimonial for Motorcycle Accident

“I was in a motorcycle accident a few years back and shattered my femur. I now have a rod going through my bone to hold it together. Because of that every time the weather changes I feel excruciating pain. I was visiting my aunt and uncle and they had told me about acupuncture and about Rachel. I was never a believer in Chinese Medicine but I figured anything is better than nothing, so I gave it a shot. Now that I have gone to a few sessions the pain is gone almost completely! I will continue to go and recommend acupuncture to anyone with chronic pain. Rachel is wonderful and I can’t thank her enough!!!”

Acupuncture Testimonial for Shoulder Surgery Rehabilitation

“Rachel possess that rare combination of knowledge, skill and caring.  She provided me immediate relief after shoulder surgery and helped minimize scarring.  Her kindness will be with me always.”

Acupuncture Testimonial for Arthritis Pain

“I was fortunate to have Rachel as my acupuncturist for 8 years in Bend. OR. Not only did she treat me for arthritic hands, joint pain, perimenopausal symptoms, and anything else that was ailing me, she also treated the rest of my family. My husband got relief for his back pain and my 11-year-old twin girls, starting at age 5, saw her for respiratory issues as well as back and knee pain. She instilled in them a confidence in TCM that will be invaluable to them in years to come. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and has a very approachable, down to earth personality. She also remains one of my favorite people. You are lucky to have her!”

Acupuncture Testimonial for Overall Health

“I have been intrigued by acupuncture for quite awhile. I just didn’t know how to easily find an acupuncturist. I had never had the experience of going to one. A co-worker recommended Rachel Pearce to me because she is so gentle. I would admit that Rachel is gentle. She listens carefully to what I am saying and feeling. I went one time two years ago just to “see” what it was like. I have continued going as I find acupuncture to be part of my own personal maintenance. I look forward to my appointments as I always feel refreshed and re-energized.”

Acupuncture Testimonial for Shoulder Pain

“I went to Rachel when I was in extreme pain. I had injured my shoulder and had tried other alternative treatments at the suggestion of my friends which didn’t work. I was desperate for relief and had never tried acupuncture before. I went to Rachel for a treatment and after an hour, my shoulder pain was completely gone. It was amazing and and I am forever grateful!”

Acupuncture Testimonial for Car Accident Recovery

“Let me just say that Rachel is a WONDERFUL acupuncturist.  Though at first, I was very apprehensive about receiving this type of treatment for the injuries I sustained in an automobile accident…it turned out to be the best decision ever!  Not only has the pain subsided in my neck, shoulders and hip, but Rachel’s treatments also helped the areas affected after my thyroid surgery. The shooting pain in my clavicle area is gone and 90% of the numbness I felt after surgery is healed as well.  The surgeon informed me that I may never regain any feeling in the incision site again. Acupuncture proved them wrong! I can go on and on about this practitioner and the healing journey she has taken me on mentally, physically and spiritually. Words can never express my gratitude and I’m a firm believer in the healing effects of acupuncture.”